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James is an award-winning arts broadcaster, with over ten years of experience making television, radio and online content. He has written and presented numerous multi-part documentaries for BBC2, BBC4, BBC Radio 3, Radio 4, and CNN.

Projects include the BAFTA-nominated British Masters (2011), RTS-nominated A History of Art in Three Colours (2012), Forest, Field & Sky: Art out of Nature (2016), The Art of Japanese Life (2017), The Age of the Image (2020), and the multi-award-winning animated series Colorscope (2017), for CNN.

He has made short films for the British Museum, Tate, Royal Academy, Imperial War Museum, Christie's, the Art Fund, 14-18NOW, Landmark Trust, HENI Talks, Loewe, and the Jeffrey Rubinoff Sculpture Park.

He has made frequent guest appearances on BBC Radio 4, Newsnight and The Review Show, and as an expert talking head on dozens of other programmes.

Watch some examples of his work below.

Broadcasting: Text
Broadcasting: Video
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